Friday, January 25, 2008

SOTSii progress pictures

This is the first KAL that I've kept up with on schedule, and I'm bound and determined to finish it that way. Here is the first week's work in it's entirety.

I like working on shawls ..... no, lace .... this way. I don't feel as though it's eternal, and the light at the end of the tunnel occurs weekly, keeping me motivated and undaunted.

I'm working on short circs, which is a little dangerous: the stitches want to fall off when I spread out the work. Not cool at all. Extra vigilance required. As I took these pictures, 6 stitches came off one end. Thankfully, they were flat, so they didn't ladder down. I would've screamed if they had, believe me.

This is going to be a beautiful shawl, methinks.

The second hint was just posted an hour or so ago, and it reveals some lovely surprises. I'm glad the first clue wasn't too daunting, but just challenging enough. Clue two is a bit more challenging. I can't wait to knit it up! Weekly progress reports to follow. :-)


  1. It is looking good! Love the color.
    I have yet to see the next hint. I am headed there now.

  2. Gorgeous knitting and lovely color.

  3. Your stole is looking good. Definitely apple-y ;)

  4. Your stole looks great, I just LOVE the color, wish I had thought of it!

  5. It's gorgeous! And what fine knitting. I love it!


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