Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Full Time Knitter

I'm  a wannabe full time knitter. Oh, I know I'll never knit my way through my stash, but gee, a gal can dream, right?

So many sweaters, socks, shawls, jackets, hats, mitts .... so little time and waning eyesight. Even with strong readers, my eyes go boggly after a couple of hours anymore. I've even learned to love knitting cotton, thanks to blends with a bit of silk, or wool (just a tad!) or bamboo.

For the last year, it seems I was on a sock binge. Now I seem to be on a sweater binge: Finishing the Mrs. Darcy cardie for Liz, almost completing Wendy Johnson's Favorite Cardigan for Claire, (only a button band away!), an angora/merino confection also for Liz, and a cotton /bamboo/silk/linen pullover for me. I've queued so many that I decided I better dive in and just do them. Great movie knitting, even if it is 97 in the shade with 85 percent humidity outside. That's the key thing: outside. It's not even summer officially, but the annual Texas furnace is already cranked to full blast. I'll knit blissfully through it, ready for our late autumn with new sweaters when it finally does arrive in the aft part of November.

Random information: I won a gigantic skein of sock yarn donated by Ravelry's Alaskan Nancy for the March Sock Knitters Anonymous board on the same site, and chose a gorgeous wool/silk forget-me-not blue semi-solid bordering on tonal hank. Oh, it is luscious. Check out her etsy site: Absolutely YUM!!!

In the intervening year, I've learned to tolerate and then love a rabbit (yes, JACK, Claire's boy from Ohio that she brought home at the end of the spring semester last year), bake a wonderful challah, stay sane in the face of ... well, whatever we face. Also found a scrumptious apple cake recipe, made some fabulous women friends, and revisited West Virginia in winter. And bought far, far, FAR too much yarn .... even though my stash closet is already overflowing: We're helpless/hopeless, admit it. Or at least I am.

Pictures will eventually to show up here -- what's a knitting blog without pictures?? Aaaah, now I'll have the time. Bliss.